Other Resources


In keeping with the focus of this site, I list only resources with useful information about basic or clinical research on Parkinson’s disease, and not, e.g., support groups, advocacy groups, blogs with a non-scientific focus, etc.

Michael J. Fox Foundation A wealth of information on their blog and in the “Understanding Parkinson’s” section.
Fox Trial Finder System for matching patients (and healthy ‘controls’) to clinical trials.  If you have Parkinson’s and are not signed up, go there right now and do so.
Parkinson’s Foundation Of particular interest are their archive of past online seminars and their clinician toolkit.  Their Science News section is interesting but a bit scattered.
European Parkinson’s Disease Association Often overlooked by patients in the US, the EPDA has a great deal of info and useful resources, and a different tone/focus than the US groups.  See also their Parkinson’s Life magazine.
Jon Palfreman’s blog Blog hosted at the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, from the author of Brain Storms and The Case of the Frozen Addicts.
23andme Parkinson’s Project People diagnosed with Parkinson’s can get their genome sequencing service for free, and contribute to research on genetic factors in Parkinson’s.
Phrma foundation report on PD pipeline Slightly outdated (2014) but still excellent summary of the drugs in clinical testing for Parkinson’s Disease.
Parkinson’s Research Advocacy Group (blog entry) Excellent 2018 summary of Parkinson’s drug pipeline.
World Parkinson Coalition Organizers of the World Parkinson Congress, to be held in Kyoto in 2019.
Prion Alliance Not about Parkinson’s, but outstanding resource for understanding science of neurodegeneration, focused here on prion diseases.
PPMI Parkinson’s Progression Marker Initiative:  A crucial effort to identify ‘biomarkers’, better objective metrics for assessing disease progression, which would make drug discovery much easier.
Science of PD Blog Focuses on current research on PD, including deeper analysis of stories in the media, by a scientist working on neurodegeneration.
UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance on Parkinson’s Exhaustive evidence-based best practices for treating Parkinson’s, from the UK health care system.
Canadian Guideline for Parkinson’s disease (2019) Exhaustive evidence-based best practices for treating Parkinson’s, from the Canadian health care system.
Update on Treatments for the Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (2018) Exhaustive evidence-based best practices for treating Parkinson’s, from the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.
Understanding Parkinson’s Disease Short animated video providing lucid explanation of what is known about the cellular and molecular basis of Parkinson’s; developed by Nature Neuroscience and Roche.